Lucky Duck Organics


Farm Fresh, Free Range, Organic Eggs

At the moment our primary product is high quality, rich and delicious duck and goose eggs.  Our girls are laying like crazy, so we thought we'd start sharing with everyone else!

Our duck eggs come in two sizes - 4 eggs or 12 eggs.  We are currently charging 75 cents per egg.  ( $3 for 4 eggs & $9 per dozen )

Our goose eggs also come in two sizes, 4 eggs or 12 eggs.  We are charging $1 per egg.  ( $4/4 eggs & $12/dozen )

If you would like to purchase some of these amazing eggs - outside of the farmers market, just fill out the contact form & we'll get back with you asap so that you can have some of these delicious eggs just as soon as possible.

Hand Embroidered Pillow Cases, Tea Towels, Napkins, etc.

I have always had a great affection for the amazing and beautiful linens that were used in a different time.  Now everything is mass produced and disposable... which really makes their use lose our charm.

Sometimes you just want to take a break, relax and treat yourself - you know?  How about spoiling yourself with hand embroidered pillow cases?  We can use your design or one of ours.  We can do this with tea towels and napkins, too!

You're probably thinking... she has an embroidery machine that she makes these on.  Nope!  Everything is completely done by hand and prepared specifically for you.  Right down to the lovely fragrances that they are spritzed with.  Each set is original and one-of-a-kind!

Here are a few of our designs.